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“We are committed as caregivers, in providing a trustworthy, honest and reliable level of services to those whom we are privileged to serve.”

-Shalom Funeral Services”

Shalom Funeral Services Pte Ltd is a Professionally managed Funeral and Bereavement services provider. Our main objective is to make a difference in the bereavement process to those who are in grief over the loss of their loved one, friends and co-workers.


In Loving Memory of your Loved Ones

One Stop Funeral Services in Singapore


Funerals are a time of great sadness, but they can also be a time for families to come together and support each other. When you’re in the middle of planning your funeral, it can be hard to know where to start.

As the trusted name in Singapore funerals, we’re here to help make your life easier by taking care of your entire funeral service needs under one roof.

Our experts will guide you through all aspects of the process, from choosing an urn or coffin for Cremation, organizing an open-casket viewing service at our funeral home if desired, or arranging burial services.

Why choose us?

We understand that even the simplest of decisions at such times are complex, and we will never resort to unethical practices to prey on our customers and win them over.

With more than 30 years of experience as undertakers, we are trusted by many, and this is reflected in the many glowing testimonials we receive regularly. We have transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges.

As a well-known brand, many Singaporeans have trusted us since 1995. We have built up our reputation through years of providing quality services at affordable prices to families who have lost their loved ones.

We provide an elegant funeral setup – Our team will help you create a memorable tribute for the deceased person with flowers and decorations that match their personality or interests (e.g., sports memorabilia).

Christian funeral service package

Christian funerals are non-denominational and can be held at any time of the day. We’ll help you create a simple, dignified, and meaningful ceremony that honors your loved one’s faith and beliefs.

We also offer burial services at our cemetery in Sembawang, where you can choose from different types of gravesites depending on what you want for your loved one.

Christian Funeral Services Packages: This package includes everything from our basic Christian funeral service package plus: One hour of visitation with family or friends before the service begins; Committal Service (optional).

Roman Catholic funeral service package

The Roman Catholic funeral service package is the most popular choice among Singaporeans. It includes a mass and wake, as well as the use of an appropriate hearse for your loved one’s final journey.

The package also includes a coffin, burial plot, and flowers for mourners at your choice of location in Singapore or overseas.

The Roman Catholic funeral service package can be customized based on your wishes and budget requirements by adding additional services such as wakes in the afternoons, evening wakes, or even overnight stays at hotels.

Funeral service highlights

As a leading provider of funeral services in Singapore, we offer a wide range of services to ensure you have the best experience during this difficult time.

Funeral service highlights: a  luxurious hearse with an elegant interior and floral arrangement on board, professional funeral decoration, and services that are customized to suit your needs.

Also, there are female embalmers who will help you through the process and provide guidance for family members who may not know what’s required for a proper burial or Cremation.

Funeral preplanning services

The benefits of preplanning your funeral are many. Planning ahead can help you save money, avoid stress and anxiety, and ensure that your loved ones do not have to make crucial decisions when they are grieving or in shock.

Pre-paid funerals cost less than traditional funerals because the cost is paid upfront, and there are no additional fees for services such as embalming or transportation of the remains.

In addition, pre-paid funerals often come with a range of benefits, such as guaranteed cash value growth rates on investments that can be used towards future expenses, such as additional memorials or headstones.

Planning ahead also alleviates stress on family members who might otherwise be responsible for making arrangements if they were not informed in advance by the deceased person about their wishes regarding burial/cremation options, etc.

Cremation fee

The cremation fee is payable to the crematorium and non-refundable. The cremation fee does not include any funeral arrangements you may have made for yourself or family members living in Australia.

It covers all services and fees associated with your loved one’s final resting place, including Cremation and transportation of remains from Singapore to Australia.


Funeral planning can be complex. We understand that it can be stressful for families to deal with the loss of loved ones and all the arrangements involved.

That’s why we offer a one-stop funeral service that will help you make decisions on what kind of ceremony or memorial service you would like while guiding you through all stages of arranging the funeral process.


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